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Welcome to the Jedi Academy! Our goal is simple: to help you become a better Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy player.

We provide instruction on dueling technique, team based and capture the flag strategys and everything in between. We hope to do this in a friendly and respectful setting. We have a number of instructors who hold class. These classes are assisted by our Knights. The instructors and Knights have a Padawan system for those that can't attend class or wish for personal instruction. If you're looking for a master stop by our IRC channel or our forums. If our Instructors or knights are busy you can also recieve instruction from your fellow students. We encourage that kind of stuff. :)
Along with teaching we give our students, staff, and whoever crosses our path a friendly atmosphere where we can talk about the game, the Star Wars gaming community, or whatever.
Our rules page goes into more detail, but all that we ask from you in return is that you respect your teachers and fellow students. Respect everyone, even those lower in rank or skill level than you. We enjoy teaching, but if you are vulgar and inappropriate, we will kick you out and stop training you.
Have lots of fun, we enjoy fun, we love fun. We will make everything as fun as possible. Have fun training and teaching! That's our number one priority.
If you have any questions about us check our Holocron and our forums. If they don't help you the Council's contact information is at the bottom of this page. We also keep a n email account for contacting us all at once or as a general suggestions box:

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