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Character of the Month - Lord Hoth -Mic Den Octela - Dec 01 08:20pm
I was struggling to come up with an idea for an Article these last few weeks. University assignments had just been finished and submitted and my brain had given up the ghost. I put this dilemma to my family members and my father suggested I: “random article” on Wookieepedia and just write about the first page that came up.

I got Hoth’s Brand.

That’s not quite the best find so I dug into the Jedi Lord that Hoth is named after. Here is what I found…


First of all I think it’s important that I define what a Jedi Lord is. A Lord, and in particular a Jedi Lord, was simply the title given to nobility and deity. A long time ago (even by Star Wars standards) it was also a military rank. The Sith tend to adopt the term Lord in place of Darth from time to time.

Now Lord Hoth was a high-ranking Jedi during the New Sith Wars, also known as the “Draggulch Period” or “Jedi-Sith War”. A thousand year war between the Jedi and the Sith that dates from ~2000 to 1000 BBY. This guy was a legendary bad-ass. I mean… He joined the Jedi because he wanted to ‘end the Sith threat against the Galactic Republic’ on his own. He led the “Army of Light” in battle against The “Brotherhood of Darkness” led by Lord Kaan. Anyone who leads an army of Jedi must be the business, right? Right.

When he wasn’t training students and being the commander of the Republic Military, he was recruiting Force-sensitive children. When he wasn’t doing that he was fighting Kaan and his beefy Sith dudes. From what I gather it all resulted in some climactic battle on the planet Ruusan. He was also well known for his epic temper and his battle prowess.

Hoth had a few friends through these troubled, but probably really, really cool, times. His closest friend was possibly Pernicar, who was a Jedi Master himself. Pernicar wasn’t particularly fond of being Force-Sensitive and lamented being sent to the Jedi Order by his father. This wasn’t made any better by the fact that he ended up fighting alongside Hoth in a war. He even had to kill his former padawan, Wud Mortull, after he was corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force.

Another friend of Hoth was Master Valenthyne Farfalla. Friend is probably the loosest term possible to describe the relationship between these two, epic beings. He vowed to fight alongside Hoth against the Sith but he was a pretty big douche and not many people liked him. His opinions and views often conflicted with those of Hoth and so the two had a pretty rough friendship.

Now both Pernicar and Farfalla fought alongside Hoth (with Farfalla only really getting involved in the final years of the “New Sith Wars”) but Pernicar went and died. Hoth and Farfalla lost their collective minds and started a feud that almost handed victory over to the Sith. They put aside their differences just in time to allow Hoth to go toe-to-toe with Kaan.

Regrettably this didn’t end well for Hoth or the other Jedi as the Brotherhood of Darkness had decided to use a rather nasty force power known as the “Thought Bomb”. Knowing this was a suicide run, Hoth went in to sacrifice himself for the Republic. The Sith destroyed themselves and the threat to the Republic was over. At least for the next thousand years.

Not many Jedi have had such an incredible influence in the History of Star Wars without being made well known. Lord Hoth is one of those few, lesser-known heroes that deserves more attention.

If you want to read more about Hoth, or would just like to read the story of the New Sith Wars then find links and stuff below. Sorry this Article isn’t particularly thrilling.

Master/Lord Hoth
The Comic Series

Reading up on Lord Hoth was immense fun and as a result I plan on doing a Character of the Month from here on. Tell me what you think in the comments but please send typo/grammar criticisms to my profile so I can rectify them silently. >_>

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Dec 03 2011 05:37pm

 - Staff

Lord Hoth is one tough Jedi. I've read about him in the Jedi vs Sith comics and then in the first Darth Bane novel. For a Jedi, he was a rather short temper, but I believe it comes from what he was destined to be, a general facing a Sith threat to the Republic.
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Dec 01 2011 10:41pm

Alex Dkana
 - Staff
 Alex Dkana

Heh I remember discovering Lord Hoth after I read the Jedi Knight (Dark Force II) tie in graphic novel. :)

Shame there aren't any horse people in TOR. :p
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Dec 01 2011 10:14pm

 - Jedi Council

I'm not too bothered. This is a SW fansite, after all, so we're all more or less interested in a bit of lore.
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